Losing the Glisten on Your Teeth? May Be Enamel Loss

It’s true; your glowing, shiny, translucent teeth may fade away over time. There are several reasons why this may occur, including:

Yes, enamel loss can be disconcerting. Not only is enamel loss unappealing, those who have this condition are left with exposed dentin in which is the inner tooth surface is uncovered and this may cause pain. This also does not allow light to reflect off of your teeth which takes the shine away.

Prevention is always the best way to beat enamel loss before it starts or gets worse. Your dentist will certainly have recommendations, such as:

If you already have enamel loss and are in pain, see your dentist about tooth desensitizers, dental bonding and dental veneers.

While there is no cure for enamel loss, there are ways to manage it. In fact, the remedies are usually cost effective and treatments are not discomforting. So, there is no reason to avoid your dentist if you have lost the glisten on your teeth.

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