Gum Recession: Ouch!

Gum recession may feel like the chill you experience when your brother or sister sneaks the blanket off of you while sleeping in a winter cabin during a blizzard. Gum recession can be problematic over time. The condition exposes dentin which contributes to consistent tooth sensitivity. This dental issue may also be aesthetically unattractive. What’s the alternative? Gum recession treatment.

>There are primarily three methods available to rejuvenate your gums. These methods will allow you to maintain the highest standards for this protective covering of your tooth roots, including:

When you are just beginning to experience gum recession, your dentist may suggest dental bonding to cover exposed dentin and to eliminate tooth sensitivity. However boding will not alter the appearance of your gums. Tissue grafting is the only method available to replace gums that have recessed.

Gum recession often progresses over time. It is important to see your dentist early on if you are experiencing gum recession so that you can prevent further damage which can be harmful to your oral health. Your dentist may be able to identify the root cause for your gum recession and can treat it before it goes too far. For example, gum recession has been linked to tooth grinding. So, your dentist can examine your teeth to see if you are tooth grinding. If you do grind your teeth, your dentist can fit you with a mouth guard. So, see your dentist to find out why you are experiencing gum recession and take proactive action to prevent your mouth from harms.

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