Dental Fear is Equivalent to Fear of Snakes and Spiders?

Dental fear tops the charts for many people around the world. The UK is no different. Recently, researchers at the British Dental Health Foundation released the results of a study that demonstrates Brits are more fearful of a dentist than they are about snakes and spiders. In fact, a recent Adult Dental Health Survey demonstrated that roughly half of adults and more women than men fit the category of moderate to extreme dental anxiety.

If only those people knew that sedation dentistry is available through a select number of dentists, the fear of dentistry would be relieved and oral health could be optimal. Sedation dentistry is offered in many forms. You may receive sedation aids in oral form prior to your dental appointment so that you are comfortably relaxed for treatment. You may receive sedation in other forms at your dental office to maximize comfort and be totally relieved of the association with pain or anxiety from dentistry. A sedation experience may also be achieved at some dentists’ offices with a spa like ambiance that caters to all of your personal needs for comfort.  So, be inquisitive when you contact a dentist. Check in to see if they can cater to your fear of dentistry. Also, check in to see if they offer advanced technology that provides for early detection and the opportunity for less invasive treatment. Today, there is no need to fear dentistry with sedation dentistry used by a select number of dentists.

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