Dental Etiquette

Hey! It’s No Problem

… if you bring dental floss or a toothpick to work with you in order to remove debris that may get caught between your teeth following lunch.

… if you chew sweetened sugarless gum containing xylitol to stimulate saliva flow.

… if you bring a travel tooth brush wherever you go.

… if you store your tooth brush in a case to avoid polluting germs.

… if you bring a refreshing mouth spray with you wherever you go.

… If you visit your dentist to obtain “prescription strength” fluoride toothpaste to re-mineralize your teeth and to prevent tooth decay.

… if you ask your dentist about bad breath remedies.

… if you ask your dentist about payment plans and finance companies to help pay for restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

… if your teeth get whitened; it’s in style to have a bright whiter smile.

… if you fill in small chips and cracks with dental bonding to prevent tooth loss and more invasive restorative procedures

… if you ask your dentist about their credentials to ensure he or she has the experience and technology available to complete your dental work.

Dental etiquette has come a long way from the days of your Aunt telling you that a chipped tooth signifies character. Since then, the dental community has better educated the public about oral health.

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