How Does Your Toothache Rate?

This article will not be able to diagnose your condition. Too, everyone has a different pain threshold. Toothaches range in severity on very individual scales. Only your dentist can diagnose your toothache. But, it might be nice to ease the pain by being a little more informed about what those aching sensations may mean when we feel them.
•    The Chill, aka Sensitivity to Cold: gum recession, enamel loss, wear and tear, and cavity.
•    The Heat, aka Sensitivity to Heat: tooth crack, serious cavity, tooth abscess, serious decay.
•    All Encompassing, aka Chronic Multiple Teeth Affected: nerve damage, teeth grinding, severe decay, traumatic injury.
•    Drum Roll, aka Throbbing: infection or abscess.
•    Dysfunction, Difficulty Eating: tooth decay, tooth crevice, crack or fracture.
•    The Shark, aka Jaw Pain: Impacted wisdom teeth, teeth grinding
Self Help for Toothaches
Let’s get right to the point. First, there are many types of toothaches. There are also several different ways to treat a tooth ache, depending upon the type. Here you’ll find some simple ways to get relief from your toothache should you not be able to see your dentist at the time.
•    Ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin can reduce toothache pain when recommended by your dentist.
•    Do not apply aspirin to the toothache site. Instead, consider over-the-counter medications that contain benzocaine.
•    Swish salt water in your mouth every so often.
•    If you have swelling on your face, apply an ice pack.

A toothache “after hours” can be troubling at best. Depending upon the time of day, your dentist may not be readily available to relieve you from such pain. And so, you wait. You may feel like you need to count the hours, even the minutes until you can see your dentist. Now, you can have comfort in knowing that there are some self-help remedies. So, the waiting game doesn’t have to be so bad. Yet, do not delay. See your dentist at the first sign of a toothache.  Early intervention may prevent a tooth infection from spreading and may mean that you will qualify for less invasive treatment. Too, it’s always best to save as much tooth structure as possible in a tooth restoration.
Now, don’t worry. There’s no need to fear dentistry. Dentists today can offer many amenities to help you to feel comfortable during treatment.

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