Oral Health and The Perfect Day

Oral health can be achieved if we were to balance the amount of energy we expend on getting ready for the day with a focus on a perfect oral health day.  Knowing that your lifestyle has an impact on your oral health, you can be one step closer to understanding how to achieve a healthy mouth. Oral health days can be prefect with the right formula. General dentistry is the first place to start, but there’s more….

Dental Care in the Morning

When you wake up in the morning, complete your breakfast with an apple or pear to stimulate saliva flow in your mouth. Apples and pears cleanse bacteria, acid and food particles from the mouth. Try milk, unsweetened tea and sugar substitutes for coffee and cereal to reduce sugar intake as well as the risk of tooth decay.   Finally, it’s great to focus on oral hygiene before heading off for the day. Tooth brushing in a small circular motion at the gum line removes left over food particles that are on the teeth. Flossing down each side of each tooth ensures that food particles caught between the teeth are removed. Flossing is stimulating for the gums, too. The use of a water pick fights off plaque and tartar and provides for deep cleaning. Mouthwash adds to the feeling of freshness. When you follow a proper oral hygiene regimen, you’ll be supporting a healthy mouth day.

Oral Hygiene in the Afternoon

Next, is lunch. It’s important to stay away from acidic foods and those that stick to the teeth. Foods that are acidic or stick to your teeth lay the groundwork for tooth decay and gum disease. Instead, consider cheeses, chicken or other meats. Snack on nuts. These foods contain calcium and phosphorus that researchers have found help re-mineralize the teeth to protect your teeth’s enamel. Yogurt that is low in acid and sugar is also helpful. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluoridated water and milk. You may wish to brush your teeth and floss following lunch in order to remove food particle residue in your mouth.

Oral health in the mid day is particularly important. It is during this time period that bacteria and acid from leftover food particles may begin to penetrate teeth and gums. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a tooth brush with you for mid day cleaning. Flossing is recommended, if you have wider spacing between your teeth. If you have low saliva flow or dry mouth syndrome, snack on a pear or apple. Check into oral gels that when placed the tongue stimulate saliva flow. You may be surprised to see how clean your mouth feels after an apple, pear or oral gel.

Oral Health at Night

Then, comes dinner. Perhaps, you’ll wish to start with a celery appetizer that massages the gums and teeth while stimulating saliva flow. Include bread that is rich in Vitamin B and healthy for your gum tissue. Select lean meat, poultry, and fish contain magnesium and zinc to support your teeth. Vitamin A rich vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli help build tooth enamel. Onions offer an anti-bacterial agent that can kill bacteria on contact.

Finally, a sound sleep awaits us. The use of a tooth brush and dental floss is highly desirable before bedtime. If you are a teeth grinder, the use of a mouth guard is necessary to prevent tooth chips and cracks. If you are taking drugs, check to see if the drug(s) is associated with oral side effects such as dry mouth syndrome. If you are a smoker, quit smoking to reduce the risk of gum disease.

And so ends a wonderful day of working with your oral health to create a healthy mouth as well as prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Let’s go ahead and do it all over again tomorrow!

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