Sensitive Teeth, Brrr!

Have you ever sipped on a cold beverage and cringed? Have you experienced tings of pain when brushing your teeth? Have you awakened from tooth grinding to be bothered by the chill of your teeth? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth.  Tooth sensitivity affects approximately 45 million people. So, rest assured you are not alone.

Sensitive teeth can affect you if you have gum recession or exposed dentin on your teeth. The condition may also occur if you have tooth enamel loss, plaque, dry mouth syndrome, or gum disease. Cracked or chipped teeth, tooth decay and root nerve damage are other reasons for tooth sensitivity. Tooth whitening may also cause temporary sensitivity. The good news is that there are tasks you can perform to reduce sensitive teeth.

Tips for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth may appear problematic. Yet, the solutions are many. With the right treatment, you need not suffer from sensitive teeth. The first step is to see your dentist so you can rule out oral health issues that require treatment and receive the right treatment for your sensitivity.

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