Fluoride FAQ’s

Why is fluoride important?

Fluoride helps to keep the teeth looking bright and shiny by fighting off plaque and bacteria that dissolve tooth enamel (outer shiny tooth surface) and cause tooth decay. Fluoride can also improve slight tooth decay. It’s powerful ammunition in the battle against tooth decay.

Is the fluoride contained in water enough to help prevent tooth decay and tooth enamel loss?

Fluorinated water is provided in the tap water of many communities. Your dentist will know about the availability of fluoride in your community. Bottled water may or may not be fluorinated. So, it’s important to check the bottles. The amount of fluoride that you need depends upon the condition of your teeth.

How can I know if I need more fluoride?

Your dentist is best equipped to determine if you need more fluoride. If you have white spots on your teeth or tooth decay, you’ll likely require more fluoride. If you have braces, you may need more fluoride. If your teeth are sensitive or you have dry mouth syndrome, you will likely benefit from additional fluoride. So, see your dentist for a general dentistry evaluation.

How can I obtain more fluoride?

Your dentist will have the best recommendation for the type of fluoride treatment you will need. There are mouthwashes, gels, tablets, lozenges and prescription strength fluoride toothpastes.

One thing is for certain- fluoride is a crucial part of oral health today. Your teeth will thank you when you provide them with ample fluoride. You’ll reduce the risk of tooth decay that can be costly. You’ll be more likely to maintain bright shiny teeth for a lifetime.

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