The Top Ten Reasons to Address Dental Emergencies

Do you have a tooth emergency, but are afraid of going to the dentist? Do you have a tooth emergency, but don’t have time for a dentist? Do you have a tooth emergency but are concerned about the cost for your dentist? Well, your first thought might be to go to your local pharmacy to obtain a temporary solution. Or, you may not do anything at all; thinking that you can wait until it seems that it is definitely necessary. However, it’s important not to disregard your tooth emergency for any reasons. There are several reasons why.

Reason I. Protect the tooth that is damaged

Reason II: Prevent debris from entering the damaged tooth which would otherwise cause further damage.

Reason III: Prevent tooth sensitivity to hot or cold.

Reason IV: Prevent plaque build up, a contribution to tooth decay and gum disease

Reason V: Prevent the pulp chambers in the damaged tooth from being adversely affected.

Reason VI: Allows for normal speech.

Reason VII: Allows for normal biting surface.

Reason VIII: Prevent teeth from moving, which would otherwise create spaces between teeth that may capture debris.

Toothaches, broken restorations, and teeth with decay are all items that need to be treated right away. In fact, anything that seems unnatural or abnormal should be diagnosed professionally.  And the diagnosis must be in the hands of a dentist.
Once you’ve made the decision that a dentist is necessary, don’t wait. The sooner you address your needs, the sooner your mouth will be protected from further harm. And have no fear; there are dentists who offer sedation dentistry so you need not worry about anxiety or pain. If you are concerned about the expense, many dentists offer reasonable payment plans to ensure that you can receive the treatment you need, when you need it. In any case, if you have a dental emergency, see a dentist today.

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