What Happens if I Don’t Replace a Missing Tooth?

Most people will lose at least one tooth in their lifetime, whether from an injury, decay, or disease. Although this is a relatively common problem, it’s important to replace the missing tooth as soon as possible to prevent further issues from happening. Initially, one or more missing teeth can take away from your smile appearance, as well as affect your ability to speak and chew properly. Over time, more problems will start to develop, which tend to require more in-depth treatments. For example, the teeth adjacent to the gap will start shifting into the empty space, potentially causing an uneven bite. Your gums and jawbone may also start receding, leading to a sunken facial shape. While these problems can sound intimidating, they can be prevented with the right tooth replacement option.

Our dentists at Austin Dental Spa offer a variety of treatments for patients needing to repair or completely replace their teeth. When one or more teeth have been lost, our dentists may recommend a dental bridge or dental implant. Each solution can offer a number of advantages for the right candidate. Our dentists will work with you to find the best possible tooth replacement option based on your needs and preference.