Your Diet and Your Smile

Perhaps, you’ve thought that you are on track with your oral health because you stay away from sugary drinks. Of course, it is true that the acidity in sugary drinks is a major cause for tooth decay. So, to some degree, you are on track.  Yet, a high calorie low nutritious diet can lead to infections in the mouth which can lead to gum disease, a leading cause for tooth loss.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture indicates that half of your meals should be comprised of fruits and vegetables and the rest should be equally divided between lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. A healthy diet is also not only good for your oral health, it is good for your body and mind. When people eat healthy, they tend to look and feel better. So, a healthy diet is a major call to order for all people- young and old. It is important to note that dietary requirements change over the course of your lifetime. So, it’s wise to check in with your physician and your dentist about your special dietary requirements.

Your dentistry plan may include tooth restorations to maintain oral health, such as, dental fillings or crowns. Your dentistry plan may also include cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as, tooth whitening, cosmetic dental bonding, dental veneers and dental implants.

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