Got Pain With Your Wisdom Teeth? Get a Cure

Wisdom teeth that are impacted, meaning that they do not erupt, can be discomforting over time. Many people with impacted wisdom teeth find themselves at their dentist’s office by mid-twenties with complaints of pain and discomfort. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth can crowd surrounding teeth, offsetting your bite. Finally, it is not too uncommon for wisdom teeth to become infected over time.  In fact, infections can become serious so it’s important to address wisdom tooth pain right away. It is for all of these reasons why you may experience discomfort with your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth removal is often the call to action. The procedure on impacted teeth is usually performed before the bone fully matures.  The beauty in today’s solution for wisdom tooth removal is that there have been advancements made in anesthetics so they people won’t feel or recollect the surgery. Typically performed under IV sedation with the use of a local anesthesia in the treatment area, wisdom tooth removal may be a minimal type of surgery or more extensive depending upon several factors.  The position of the tooth plays a role in the extent of surgery. The maturity of the root is a factor in surgery. The person’ age is another factor in the decision for the approach to surgery. For more minor surgery, local anesthesia may be suffice.  Following the procedure, patients return home with anti-pain medication to stay ahead of discomfort.

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