Why One Visit to Your Austin Dentist Seems to Turn Into Two

Your Austin dentist may always seem to need to see you for more than one visit for a variety of reasons. You may think you’ve followed all of the proper oral hygiene recommendations from your dentist so why bother? You may feel that you have maintained a proper diet to support your oral health. You may feel that your breath is fresh and your oral cavity is free from cavity causing debris. Yet, sometimes you may not seem to be able to get away from a second dental visit after you visit your dentist for a preventive dental visit. The oral cavity can be tricky to manage at best.   Though you may receive lessons about proper tooth brushing and dental flossing during your first dental visit, you may notice that you receive repeat lessons over the years for reinforcement.  Just like your body, the oral cavity must thrive through many changes each day and each year. So, your dentist will highlight specific areas that need extra care and methods for focusing on those areas.

Sometimes, your dentist may request you come back for an additional visit in three months instead of six. Sometimes, your dentist may request you return to the office for deeper cleaning through root planing and scaling. Sometimes, your dentist may request you return to the office for restorative dental work, such as, dental fillings, root canals and dental crowns. Let’s explore the details…

There may be one or more reasons why you need additional dental visits.  The important point is that regular preventive visits reduce the risk of follow up visits.

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