Preventative vs. Restorative Dentistry

Dentistry appointments twice a year for preventative dental care have increased over years, but there are still many people that postpone preventative dental visits until restorative dentistry is required.  The reasons for this may be numerous. Perhaps, such people are not aware that there is sedation dentistry available which alleviates fear, anxiety and discomfort from dental procedures.   Alternatively, it may seem that preventative dental visits are cost prohibitive since there are a limited number of dental insurance companies that offer adequate insurance coverage for dental visits. By the same token, restorative dentistry can be very costly, particularly by comparison to preventative dental visits.  So, we’d like to alleviate the two common strains for avoiding dentals visits with more detail about insurance constraints and sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry is offered by a select number of dentists. There are a variety of options available for sedation dentistry. So, it is wise to contact your dentist’s receptionist to convey your concerns about dentistry. Then, your dentist’s receptionist can convey your concerns to your dentist to determine the best approach to allow you to have a carefree experience.  Sedation dentistry options are not designed to be expensive, making oral medications, laughing gas or other modalities easy to fit into your checkbook.

Insurance is the second important consideration.  Many insurance programs are discounted programs that do not provide as much as 50% off on preventive services. Some insurance programs may seem more appropriate, offering comparable coverage to the type of coverage you would find through an employer’s health insurance policy. There are also other dental insurance policies you can purchase online that may be comparable to traditional programs at 80% preventative and 50% for restorative.  In the end, even if you decide to purchase a policy before your dental treatment, you can be rest assured that you are far more likely to contain dental costs through preventative dental treatments.

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