Oral Health and the Days after Halloween

Halloween and Oral Health

Halloween is a great tradition for children to enjoy with sweet treats. There are also dental traditions that tie in with Halloween. These solutions can be fun for your children to enjoy which will prevent damage from sweets. After all, sweets trigger the production of acid that can result in tooth decay.    So, let’s consider some healthy treats and ways to promote oral health in the days following Halloween.

Fun Food Choices

Select sugarless gum containing Xylitol for Halloween gift giving and for your children to chew on after eating Halloween treats because Xylitol and chewing stimulates saliva flow which is deep cleaning. Animal crackers might also be a wiser alternative treat when compared to sugar filled Halloween treats brought home by your children. You can also try creative meals to satisfy your children’s desires for the Halloween spirit. Try boiled eggs dressed like ghosts with black olive eyes and asparagus eyebrows and a haunted house made of cheese cubes to boost saliva flow and wash away food debris. It might also be fun to make Jell-O goblins using Halloween theme stencils.

Make Oral Health Entertaining

There are cartoon character toothbrushes and custom Halloween toothbrushes that can provide an entertaining experience for your children while tooth brushing. There are also Halloween tooth brush holders and flavored dental floss that may be enticing.  Having these helpful dental tools in your bathroom is a great surprise, making it a great time to reinforce proper brushing techniques. There are also special tablets, solutions and swabs that can be placed in your child’s mouth to reveal areas that have not been brushed properly so you can show your children how to improve. These tools are available at your local pharmacy.

Set Limits

Sticky candies and too many treats a day don’t keep your dentist away. It’s best to discard big lollipops and sticky candies that remain in your child’s mouth for a long period of time. Only allow your children to eat one treat a day. Have your children drink water and brush their teeth after eating sweets.

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