How Poor Oral Health Can Cause Weight Gain

On the surface, your oral health and your weight may not seem very connected. However, there are some correlations between poor oral health and weight gain. Your health can come under siege if certain types of bacteria found in the mouth travel to other parts of the body. Among these various health concerns is unintended weight gain. Austin Dental Spa provides a slew of services including laser dentistry and advanced periodontal care, two services that can go a long way in improving oral hygiene and health.

At our practice, our dentists stress that the mouth is very much intertwined with the rest of the body. Dr. Mark Sweeney, the founder of Austin Dental Spa, provided insight on the importance of oral health in one of his Wisdom Wednesday posts. The full video can be found below where he details how bacteria in the mouth can cause increases in your overall weight and other health-related concerns.

Bacteria in the mouth is not restrained to just one area, Dr. Sweeney says in his video. He references what’s known as “P-gingivalis” or porphyromonas gingivalis which develops in poor conditions within the mouth. This bacteria can creep into other parts of the body, including the intestines, Sweeney says, referring to a study. Once in the intestines, the intestinal flora and bacteria that are supposed to be present can be altered. P-gingivalis can settle in the lining of the gut and has been found in people who suffer from metabolic syndrome. Sweeney says that high concentrations of P-gingivalis can slow your body’s insulin production which helps transfer glucose. When this process is impacted, your body may experience unwanted weight gain. Dr. Sweeney believes it’s important to inform his community about these types of conditions and reiterate the key role that dental care plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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