Gum Disease and Tooth Loss Linked to Breast Cancer

Knowing that over 75% of the general population has early stage gum disease (gingivitis) or more advanced gum disease (periodontal disease), suggests that so many women are not only at risk for tooth loss but now at risk for breast cancer as well following results of  The Karolinska Institute in Sweden’s study.  Recently announced, this institute’s study results demonstrate that women with missing teeth and gum disease were eleven times more likely to develop breast cancer. Of more than 3,000 participants in the study, forty one developed breast cancer.  Though more studies are required to conclusively link breast cancer to missing teeth and gum disease, the study results give women another reason to take advantage of breast cancer screening and dental treatment.

Breast cancer was conclusively noted to be on the rise following the results of Women’s Study in the U.S, which demonstrated a clear link between breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy. So, there is more than one link to breast cancer. Yet, early detection significantly reduces the risk of invasive treatment and potential loss of life. The mammogram is a simple test that every women should have, as recommended by their doctor.  The MRI is another simple test for women with silicone breast implants to screen or breast cancer.

There are also ways to screen for gum disease and early intervention offers a means to prevent the possibility of more invasive treatment and tooth loos. In fact, biofilm treatment has recently been introduced to fight off unhealthy bacteria in the mouth that triggers gum disease and a host of other oral conditions. So, see you dentist as well!

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