Stem Cells May Solve Gum Disease Tooth Loss or Trauma Tooth Loss

Stem cell treatment may be new up and coming method for treating problems associated with gum disease. With only a quarter of the population that is free of some stage in gum disease, the idea that stem cells may treat the consequence of tooth loss due to gum disease is quite promising. Traditionally, there is no cure for gum disease. It is a condition that must be managed to prevent the progression that would otherwise lead to tooth loss.

Some dentists use bio films treatments to limit unhealthy biofilm layers of bacteria that cause gum disease. Bio film treatment is both preventative to forgo progression and a form of treatment to best to manage periodontal disease.  he traditional method to treat  the precursor to gum disease is root planing and scaling, as well as, professional dental cleanings more often than the norm. For later stages of gum disease, laser treatment or periodontal surgery may be an option to limit progression.

Recently, the results of stem cell research were published in the journal Tissue Engineering. Apparently, UIC’s Brodie Laboratory for Craniofacial Genetics researchers obtained a grant from the National Institutes of Health to extract periodontal molar ligaments from mice to prepare them with stem cell treatment. Once the teeth were replaced in the mice’s mouths, the stem cells triggered new fibrous attachments that firmly anchored the replaced to the bone. These newly formed ligaments were comprised of all the essentials to complete the anchor.   The combination of a natural tooth structure and periodontal progenitor cells was successful!  The results of the study suggest that a revolutionary method for treating tooth loos may soon be available.

Typically, the procedure to follow when a tooth is lost due to trauma is to replace the tooth into your mouth, holding it firmly in place for a few minutes. At times, this may work. Other times, the tooth may not be able to anchor or may be loose.

In the end, it’s important to see your dentist fi you’ve lost a tooth as soon as possible. Replacing your teeth with a dental implants, bridge or dentures will prevent your teeth from moving and help to reduce the risk of oral conditions.

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