Reasons Why Your Teeth May Not Whiten

Teeth whitening offers a bright quick and simple solution for the vast majority of people. However, every so often you might hear a friend say- it’s just not working- my teeth aren’t whiter!  There are a few reasons why this may occur and a few solutions to whiten your teeth for the shade you desire.

Dental Plaque: The teeth whitening solution will not take hold as well if you have dental plaque on your teeth. So, you can visit your dentist for a professional dental cleaning to remove you dental plague. Then, it’s time to get back to whitening.

Tough Staining: Sometimes, your teeth are simply too stained. In this case, you may visit your dentist who is equipped to treat the most difficult stains. Some stains cannot be removed, but for those that can’t, there’s always an alternative. In some cases, bonding and veneers may be an appropriate substitute.

Aging: When you are in your twenties, your teeth do not have extensive staining or potential enamel loss that takes the bright translucency away from your teeth. So, you may need more whitening to accomplish your goals when compared to a youngster. This tends to be more common for people who use over-the-counter teeth whitening products. So, you may need to use the teeth whitening solution more often or see your dentist for a stronger alterative that can make your teeth much lighter.

Medications: Certain medications may have created yellow, gray or brown tint on your teeth.  It’s best to visit your dentist in these situations. You dentist will know what solutions to try to alleviate these stains. In some cases dental veneers are the better alternative.

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