Xylitol! The Secret Is Out

Dentistry has made many advancements. Xylitol has been making headlines in dentistry today for its powerful action to prevent cavities. Xylitol is a sugar substitute that is a five-carbon sugar alcohol traditionally found in some sugarless gums. It is an agent that has been known to reduce levels of the streptococci mutans (MS) bacteria that causes tooth decay. Now, new research results have come out through a clinical trial involving children between the ages of 6 months and 15 months who were given fruit flavored syrup containing xylitol to determine how xylitol can prevent tooth decay and dental cavities. The results of the research were remarkable.

Research results demonstrated that over 75% of the children did not have tooth decay by the end of the study when compared with over 45% of children that did not receive Xylitol. The Marshall Islands in the Pacific was the area where the children in the study were selected from because this area is known to have a very high cavity rate among children.

In 1963, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration deemed Xylitol safe. Today, it is available in sugarless chewing gum, lozenges and syrup. Today, Xylitol has become more widely known for its dental health benefits. Xylitol may an agent that becomes part of every type of candy one day. In the past, gummy bears posed an increased risk for tooth decay because of its sticky sugary substance that adheres to teeth. Now, you can find gummy bears containing Xylitol.  So, check your product labels and look for cavity preventing Xylitol!

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