Senior Dental Care Top Five Tips

Here is a refresher course on the basics for a senior’s dental wellness:
1) Make and keep general dentistry appointments. Your dentist is your friend, advocate and “mouth mechanic” to make sure you can keep your teeth for a lifetime.  With all teeth in place, you’ll be able to keep yourself chewing, swallowing and talking properly.

2) Practice proper dental hygiene per your dentist’s instructions. This includes: regular brushing, flossing and mouthwash rinsing techniques to ensure food particles and possible build-up go down the drain instead of remaining in your mouth. Ask for a recommendation on preferred toothpastes, flossers, and other dental appliances to keep your teeth clean and gums healthy.

3) Again, you and your caregiver, if you have one, are the best monitors of your dental care. If your teeth are sensitive or loose, gums bleed or if you have pain, sores, swelling, grinding, swallowing or chewing difficulties, or jaw alignment issues (popping or clicking), immediately consult your dentist.

4) If you have dentures or bridges, do not neglect their ongoing care. Visit your dentist for regular alignments to accommodate for changes. If you are having problems with your dentures or bridges, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry.

5) Be sure to communicate with your dentist about any medications that you are taking or changes to medication as these can impact your mouth and dental procedures. For some medical conditions, especially heart-related, it is recommended that patients have a course of antibiotics prior to dental work.

Seniors, keep making positive decisions each day to keep eating, smiling, and enjoying your latter years free from unnecessary dental pain and problems.

If you are interested in senior dental care, call Dr. Mark Sweeney, an Austin Texas dentist at (512) 452-9296.