Laura’s Improved Smile

LAURA: I’d had a lot of dental work growing up, but I still had a little gap between my middle teeth. I had some chipping, some discoloration. They were getting a little older. So I wanted to be proud to smile again. So I mentioned that, told my husband. Of course he investigated and found Dr. Sweeney and that’s all she wrote. We’ve been here ever since and it’s been several years now.

And we love the results. It’s been great. You’re made to feel special like you’re the number one patient in here. You’re greeted with a smile always, always. And bottled water. Everybody’s nice. Everybody has a smile. Nobody is ever in a bad mood in here. Never. Well I always liked to smile, but I always kind of put my hand in front of my mouth. So now I smile all the time. I’m just proud of it. It’s like it’s made me feel younger. It’s just made me feel so much better about myself.