Kristi’s Smile Makeover

KRISTI: God gave me some great things when he made me, but one thing he didn’t give me were nice teeth. So I struggled with that my whole life. I mean my parents did what they could. I had braces, the whole nine yards. But it was never, it was far from ideal and just a huge source of insecurity for me. So my whole life I wanted to get my teeth fixed and after I came here and I felt very confident in him, in Dr. Sweeney and I liked it here and I of course looked at, went to other doctors and you know considered other whatever sources. But I chose him and it was you know a big investment, but totally worthwhile. I mean it changed my life. Not to sound overdramatic, but it did.

So anyway, just confident and I smile in every picture because people used to be like why don’t you smile. It’s always your friends who have nice teeth that say why aren’t you smiling. Well why do you think you know. So I don’t know if you’ll see the before or not, but you’ll see the difference. I would recommend him because he is excellent at what he does. He is and I believe that you can have all the experience in the world. You can be improving teeth for 20 years which I think he has plus.

But there’s also talent. I think I get a talent that you either have or you don’t and an eye for it because it is kind of like an artistry. You know you can make the tooth a little longer, a little shorter, the color. I mean there’s a million variables and he just has a skill and a talent for doing that. And I love the people. – – I will not give my business to any business that I don’t, I’m treated well. You know the women and the people that work here are very friendly and genuinely friendly, eager to help and it’s just a fun environment. And it’s very comfortable. That’s another big thing is comfort is a key thing. You know a lot of people freak out at the dentist and you don’t here. You know it’s just a, it’s like a small environment.