Hank’s Porcelain Veneers

HANK: Once I stepped in the door here and met Mark Sweeney, I knew that I’d met the man that was going to fix my teeth for me. So that’s my original exposure to the company. I had 10 veneers done on the top and absolutely stunning. I told Dr. Sweeney when we originally came in, I said you know I want a Hollywood smile. Can you provide that for me? I want something that Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise couldn’t hold a candle to because my wife loves Brad Pitt. So he said I think we could that and by golly, he delivered. So I’m happy with the results that Doc gave me. You know his staff here, he’s backed up by an incredibly professional staff and he’s led by that staff. Instead of him leading the staff, the staff leads him. And really wonderful people and I’ve just enjoyed the experience. I actually enjoy coming to see Dr. Sweeney. Number one, he’s backed up by an incredible staff here. He’s a wonderful person, wonderful individual and I really enjoyed my experience here with Austin Dental Spa.