Elizabeth’s Porcelain Veneer Experience

ELISABETH: I had gotten braces a long time ago and was still not happy. I kept going back to the orthodontist. I still had spacing and I kept going back and saying fix the spacing, fix the spacing. And he finally said you need to go get veneers. I’m not going to make you happy. You need to go because my teeth were too small really for my mouth. And so I had that in mind forever and you know years and years. I was just like okay, I want to do that at some point.

And then there was a picture. I looked for the picture and it was me and my best friend and he has like this beautiful smile white perfect teeth that are just all natural. And I had these horrible little, I just looked at my smile and I thought God that’s horrible. I’m like I’m doing it. The next day I called. As soon as I saw that picture, I called and I was like I’m coming in. I’m getting it done, I’m doing it. And so here I am and I’m much, much happier.

I love Dr. Sweeney. I actually found Dr. Sweeney on I Googled and I was trying to look for the best you know cosmetic dentist because I had a regular dentist. I didn’t really you know that’s a little bit scary to go through all this. You know you want it to look good. And I’ve seen people with bad veneers. And so I found Dr. Sweeney and I loved him. He was so funny and he has a little longhorn thing on his tooth and I’m a big longhorn. And so we kind of had that in common and he was just really nice and obviously knew his stuff and had a lot of experience and lots of training. And I was just impressed with everything about him and all the staff here as well.