Benefits of the TruDenta® System


Problems with the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ Disorder, may develop for a number of reasons, particularly if your jaw joints are damaged, inflamed, imbalanced, or are experiencing excessive amounts of pressure. This can cause a variety of debilitating symptoms, including headaches, jaw popping, dizziness, and pain in multiple body areas. If left untreated, TMJ Disorder may develop into more severe health issues and interfere with many aspects of your life. Fortunately, at Austin Dental Spa, we are specially trained to relieve your TMJ Disorder symptoms with the TruDenta® system.

There are many benefits associated with using TruDenta®. Each pain-free treatment lasts only 50 minutes and does not involve surgery, medication, or needles. Your treatment is also customized for your specific needs. One of our experienced dentists will perform a diagnostic analysis utilizing TruDenta®’s advanced tools. He will thoroughly examine your mouth, neck, and head, and then design a treatment plan that can address the causes of your symptoms. The TruDenta® program uses therapeutic treatment techniques from the fields of prosthodontics and sports medicine to improve TMJ conditions without the need for invasive procedures.

TruDenta® is one of the most innovative treatment options for TMJ Disorder available, and we are proud to offer this option to our patients here at Austin Dental Spa!

If you believe you may have TMJ Disorder and would like to be tested, please contact our practice today. Our dentists can examine you and determine if you may be a candidate for TruDenta®.