Poor Oral Health and the Drug Link

Poor oral health has been linked to illegal drug and alcohol use by a team of Boston University researchers. The researchers identified that opioid dependence over the course of a year’s time is linked to poor oral health. Reported in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, the investigation by the researchers noted that 60% of users of alcohol, stimulant, opioid and marijuana rated their oral health from poor to fair on a five point scale.

The end result of the study suggests that interdisciplinary care between drug rehabilitation centers, primary care physicians, any other medical professional involved with medical care and dentists is the way to go for people addicted to drugs.  Creating awareness about the link between poor oral health and drug use among health practitioners is a first step in the right direction for solving the oral health issues for alcohol and drug users. The second step is that oral health needs to be a consideration for alcohol and drug users.

So, if you have an alcohol or drug problem, see your dentist for a check-up to identify any oral health risks. Maintain two dental visits each year or more often when required.   Knowing your oral health risks and being proactive to reduce those risks is highly advantageous for people who use alcohol or drugs.   There are many rewards that may positively influence your life in several ways with proper care of your oral cavity and your body.

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