How Your Oral Health Can Impact Memory Loss

As part of Austin Dental Spa’s video series, Dr. Mark Sweeney provides another educational session focused on the link between oral health and memory loss.

During the video segment, Dr. Sweeney talks about how the connection between your mouth and memory can impact overall brain function. The first link he explains is the act of chewing. Referencing a study, Dr. Sweeney says nerves beneath your tooth are connected to the brain and can help stimulate neural activity. If someone has had significant tooth loss, this study says, they are more likely to have memory loss issues. Dr. Sweeny also details how dementia is more prevalent among those with gum disease and how deteriorated oral health is linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

Check out the video below to watch and listen to Dr. Sweeney talk about how your oral health can affect your memory. If you want to know more about how oral health impacts the rest of the body or if you are in need of dental care, contact our practice today!